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Brand New Pt. 1

Last night was my first time seeing Brand New. These guys are freaking amazing. They came out with daisies on their mic stands, which was adorable. And then Vincent (the guitarist with the pretty hair in front of me) kept pulling his daisies out and sticking them in his hair and his guitar strap. He was adorable and I kind of love him a lot, okay?

They played a GREAT set list, picking things from all four albums. The only song they didn’t play that I was REALLY shocked about its omission was “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”. I thought for SURE that would be on their set list. It wasn’t. It just surprised me, is all.

It was hard to get some good pictures because most of the time, the lighting was so low that you could barely see anyone on stage. My videos are mostly dark, but you can hear the band (and the audience) and that is all that really matters.

( fight-0ff-yourdem0ns I think you might like these, my fellow Brand New friend! )

I love brand new!!!!’

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